Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stomping on the Level Playing Field

Well, I don't figure I'll be back
There for a spell,
Even though Rita moved away
And got a job in a motel.
He still waits for me,
Constant, on the sly.
He wants to turn me in
To the F.B.I.
Me, I romp and stomp,
Thankful as I romp,
Without freedom of speech,
I might be in the swamp. - from Motorpsycho Nightmare, Bob Dylan 1964
Corner 58th and Second
Last week I posted about old people and drinking cappuccino, at what was then, my favorite brunch restaurant - the Zebu Grill.

But as the song says, "Well, I don't figure I'll be back there for a spell."  As to why, the lest said, probably the better.

This week my interest is in economics, rationalism and "Obama care" - the name being given to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010  bills that could have lead America into the 21st century, albeit grudgingly.

I just don't get it. The health care "system" in America is so inefficient. Since 1986 everyone in America has a right to health care treatment regardless of citizenship, legal status or ability to pay. So the insured people are still paying for the uninsured,  just in an inefficient and round-about manner.  The hospitals providing the "free care" do not get  reibursed by the government. So it's the insured users who have to pay even more.

So this past week I decided to listen to Mitt Romney in the hope he would explain why it isn't a good idea for all Americans to have health insurance.

I tuned in to CNN and listened to Romney and his guys explaining how unfair everything was, and how China was a bad country because China can manufacture products cheaper than the US can. "We want a level playing field," one of them whined.

Huh? "Level playing field". Isn't that what Republicans DON'T want. Certainly they don't want every American to have health insurance. And what about capitalism and competition?  Not to mention the proclaimed benefits of a free market economy.

In my opinion, the Republicans are the new socialists - socialism for the rich. For the big banks. For Wall Street.

Bail out General Motors but heavens, don't provide health insurance to the poor and unemployed.

Yes a true socialist, Mr Romney is all for the workers.

According to the Sun Times, "Romney's campaign released a new ad on Friday - titled 'First 100 Days: Ohio,' where an announcer says, 'Day One, President Romney stands up to China, demands a level playing field for our businesses and workers.'"

It must be about having one's cake and eating it too. Or let them eat cake. Someone Left the Cake out in the Rain. Divying up the cake.

And as for the photo above, it has nothing whatsoever to do with health care, China or Mitt Romney. I took it because I just liked the sign. The smaller sign on the left says, "Feed a pigeon, breed a rat".

Yep, I just don't understand Republican logic.

Perhaps it's a rat thing.


Anonymous said...

And the poorest s-----ks with nothing will vote for Romney as they identify?? with being rich perhaps? As one idiot told me, "I don't want the government in my health insurance."

chinamonty said...

Yes if the Government got involved the costs may go down. I am just gobsmacked at the American attitude to health care. Our system isn't perfect but it generally does a pretty good job. As for choice - who cares - you usually go with the recommendation of your doctor who is probably in partnership with your surgeon in a retirement village or such anyway. I had a friend who needed a back operation but her surgeon had to go overseas so she took up his recommendation for a replacement. She was very smug about it until I told her that the guy she now had was the one who did my wrist operation on Medicare at no cost to me. As for Mr Romney I just don't understand him.

Anonymous said...

We are on the same frequency, Kate. But then you've a;ways known that.

Anonymous said...

Well said Kate but now I can't get MacArtur Park out of my head!
Isn't private Health also subsidised by USA & Australian govts?
I go into surgery this friday gratis. Most grateful for Medicare here.

Anonymous said...

Medicare in the USA is superb. Been covered by it since 1992 and with a supplemental policy costing $158 per month / person, I choose my own doctors, hospitals etc. Also, part D for meds is pretty good too seeing as I have a couple of expensive drugs. So, if you're an 'oldie' coverage is great. But if you are under 65 and don't have a job with 'good' benefits, you are likely to run up a big bill if you are hospitalized. Unless you have Medicaid which is problematic.
So as I was told in 1955 when I came to America, "It's a great country, just don't get sick." Not entirely true, but if you are young and get sick, you'd better have transportation if you live outside of the Big City 'cause it takes a lot of organization and time to figure out how to get free medical care.
Did anyone watch HBC's program last night on the indigent middle class in Colorado?

Anonymous said...

Did a little checking on Medicaid with the cardiologist. Looks like if you qualify, they give you the same care as Medicare.

Malcolm said...

oh the woes of being older than 50 and falling apart. Got to agree with ya Kate, Ian and Boggy.

Lesley said...

As I see it, the problem is, everyone is full of it. Not to be trusted.

On the face of it, the idea as it was originally presented sounded good;
Healthcare For Everyone. Free.

But it didn't stay that. Just like George Walker Bush (an idiot I used
to advise, sad to say he's still an idiot, but I am less of one)
who did a bait and switch (thank you Wesley Clark for that cool term)
by taking all our angst towards Osama bin Laden, and turn it
towards someone completely unrelated; on that fateful day
that President George W Bush got on television declaring;

"America, Saddam Hussein killed my dog!
And he might have weapons of mass distraction"

I am willing to believe he killed George's dog. As for the weapons
of mass distraction, they're usually ours.

Well, Free Healthcare For All is a great idea.

But when it becomes a Mandatory Thing, where,
Hear Ye Hear Ye, You ALL Must Buy This, then,
it becomes what I like to call "ALL BETS ARE OFF" Time.

I advise Barack. I do wish he'd listen. I warned him about this.
I have to say, pound for pound, I think Barack is far and away
the better man than Romney. And yet, Barack's best hope
at a re-election, is ironically now the Supreme Court;
If SCOTUS overturns "Obamacage", then Barack still may get Term 2.
If not, not so much.

We can't afford healthcare as it is. My wife cannot afford it even
for herself.

I have a bone of contention, which is simply: Healer Heal Because
Thou Wants To. Not because it makes you a profit. Wrong damned
business to be in if you want to see profit. Because---think of it---
you're actually making more money off of keeping people sick.
Pfizer will hate me all the more for revealing that little epiphany.

All This, incidentally, is why I believe, God will Destroy The World soon.

Or Romney will get elected. Strange Days Indeed.
Most peculiar Mama, Roll!

The short answer is Greed Is Destroying EVERYTHING. Just, Everything.

And, shows no signs of slowing, forget stopping.
Corruption Rules The Roost no matter what idiot is in office.
I've worked with these boneheads long enough to know this, and well.

I've offered to no one in particular to be America's First Monarch.
Seems a lot of work, but I'd do it, just to see things done correctly.
And no, not holding my breath on that. Not for a moment.

I do know, America as a whole, does not like being shackled into
such a thing as Obamacage. I like the guy. I really do.
I have more than a bit of contempt for a guy like Romney,
who had it all handed to him, not having a clue of what any of
us out here go through. And yet, if it ends up being Romney
who breaks the shackles, these shackles anyway, buy healthcare
you can't afford to begin with, I will, albeit reluctantly, be reporting
to him sure enough. Not that he'll listen anymore than the other
two I've advised. They never do. People own them, so the only
choice they ever make truth be told, is what's for breakfast.

Now if all THAT doesn't give you a headache,

Imagine a healthcare system----why do any of you suppose
Obama made it so that it doesn't even kick in till it's too late to stop!---
which essentially is there to control us all. Feel ill yet? You should.

Again, THIS, is why, God ends up saying "Okay, All Bets Are Off".

I intend to enjoy the time I have the best I can. And That's All Folks!

~Lesley Jane, Glendale, NY

Anonymous said...

Great news today from High Court!

Lesley said...

Note Added Later That Day.

Congratulations are in order. Congratulations, Barack.
My wife explained a bit more of all this to me, and I have to admit,
it sounds more good than bad, by far. Even the individual mandate,
is, she told me, calculated by one percent of one's income. I'd owe zero.
Which is good, because I still can't afford it. ~L

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