Thursday, November 11, 2010

Which Social Network Are You?

"IT here, Have you tried turning it off and on again?" - Roy (Chris O'Dowd), "The IT Crowd"

I don't know what kind of cocktail you are
Which member of The Beatles or which 1950s movie star
I don't give a toss if you're a ninja or a pirate
I suspect you'd be a pirate, but I don't wanna verify it - Kate Miller Heidke, The Facebook Song

Which social network are you? Or has this question already been asked, app'ed, posted, tweeted and/or statused?

What questions do we need to answer in order to discover our inner social networks? Assuming we don't already know.

There must be some reasoning behind social network quizzes. After all, if you KNEW what 1950s movie-star you were for example, why would you do the quiz?

More to the point, does anyone care? And do you care that they don't care? Obviously not, given the large number of such quizzes on FriendFace, where people with 715 friends let them all know which Henry VIII wife they would have been, or which Polish Pope of the 20th century they'd have been born as.

I don't have anything like 715 friends. Even on FriendFace. So possibly this is just sour grapes talking. Is there a "what fruit are you?" quiz? Certainly I know my answer to THAT one in advance.

But back to the Kathleenwng quiz!

Which Social Network Are You?

1: Check which best describes a few of your favourite things.
a: Cyber hugs and roses and whiskers on kittens
b: Places to visit and points for just being
c: Swallows migrating and lots of birds singing
d: Ratings and arrows and unfriendly people

2: Check one only.
a: I like doing quiz questionnaire things to find out who I am, was, or will be.
b: I like finding people who I once knew but haven't bothered with for yonks because we have nothing in common.
c: I like planting pretend seeds in pretend soil for pretend sad lost goats to eat.
d: I think everyone is interested in what I ate for breakfast.

3: Check one only.
a: I like copying what other people have said as it saves me time and smarts and I like saying 'smarts'
b: I am a firm believer in sound-bytes, precis writing, brevity and prime numbers.
c: In a past life I was Hansel and Gretel.
d: I like to know what everyone else ate for breakfast.

4: Which of the following is true? Check any.
a: The plural of "lol" is "lols".
b" "Lulz" is a variant of the plural of "lol".
c: "Lolsaitos" is an inside joke that no one can get.
d: WTF?

5: Where do you shop (pick as many as you can)?
a: Near here
b: Where I've been before
c: As many places as I can
e: Trending places

Let me know your score in 140 characters or less and I will publish the result.

My name is not Kathleenwg and I approve this message