Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grumpy Old Men

I think ALL men have Asperger's   - My friend D, Summer 2010

It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A
It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A
They have everything for young men to enjoy
You can hang out with all the boys - The Village People

Wine Bar, Second and 89th, October 2010
Walking home after work. An unseasonably warm fall day. I pass one of the many bars on Second Avenue.

This one's a wine bar. An elderly man is leaving, walking backwards through the entrance. He's dressed like a Texan with one of those weird hats and he's wearing R.M. Williams cowboy shoes.

He's screaming. "That's my effing flower and if you mother-effers move it I'll be back and I will take you out. Mother-effers."

Charming! I waited till he'd moved on before taking out my camera. How bizarre. Somehow a pretty flower and a screaming Texan strike a note of discord in my otherwise perfect peaceful New York day.

Not that I hadn't been acclimated to grumpy old men already. Yet. On my way home from work, on the Q32, I'd moved over to make room  when a different elderly man was looking around for a seat. I immediately regretted my kindness, my belief in civic duty, in democracy, in 'do unto others' - in my belief in the Christian-Judaic ethical system, in civilization even - when  I realised that that my neighbor  had no teeth and was dressed in moth-eaten polyester.

My mind leapt back 100 years - to the days of black-and-white telly when humans spoke in sentences and watches had hands. "Steptoe and Son". OMG, I was sitting next to Steptoe Senior!!!

Them were the days!

But who can remember them? Old people?

Not me! My generation will never get old.

Just ask the "92 Street Y" in Manhattan.

I LOVE the 92 Street Y. I love it that it has nothing to do with the YMCA,  although saying "I'm off to the Y," sounds as if that's where your going.

But more importantly I like  how they have divided people into age groups. "Birth to 5, 6 to 12, Teens to 25, 25 to 35, Adults, Baby Boomers and Seniors".

How sweet. How kind. There's a stage between "Adult" and "Senior".

Plus it is a Jewish Y.

Just another of the many things that makes me glad that I am a New Yorker.

My name is Kathleenwng and I approve this message

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Jaded NYer said...

did the old man smell?

old people smell you know. and not well either.

thank goodness we are all Baby Boomers.

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