Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Few of my Least Favorite Things

Prim Julie Andrews and cute singing kiddies
Old-fashioned movies with nursery rhyme ditties
God-awful plot-lines about nuns that sing
These are a few of my least favorite things - The Chasers - These are a Few of my Least Favourite Things

Sometimes I have to worry about my fellow New Yorkers.

Are they spaced-out, burnt-out, or simply freaked out?

Or all of the above?

Take this morning, for example. I live in an apartment building, medium high-rise.There's about 370 apartments and let's say, there's an average of two people per apartment. Plus dogs. That's a heap of people, to use the American vernacular!

Samantha Margulies Singing "A Few Of my Favorite Things"
at Grand Central
Lately, out of the three elevators in the building, it's common that only one is in service. The reason for this is that the building management committee is working to make our lives better.

Whatever. There's a "service elevator" which is used for trash removal and for people moving in and out, and for dogs. But when normal elevator service is restricted, we are all meant to be able to use the service elevator.

Still, the porters, the infrastructure men who look after the garbage and other matters, sorta forget that some of us have to get to work. So around 8:30 m about 700 people might be waiting for an elevator car.

This was the case this morning. Eventually I was able to get into the service elevator. There was me, a great dane, three dobermans and seven dalmatians. The other 94 were waiting on the 19th floor.

Oh, ... and several humans.

We were all annoyed - the humans amongst us that is. And in our New York way we all had our piece to say, on how disgusting it all was and what's the world coming to and what about those silly Tea Party people.

The elevator car descended slowly. Stopping at each floor. So we had plenty of time to talk. And New Yorkers LOVE to talk.

The woman next to me was particularly voluble. And after a hundred floors I said to her "Yes the elevator service is dreadful, but we all have to complain. If we don't complain, then nothing will happen."

She looked at me as if I'd just landed from Ohio.

"But I complain every day!" she explained. "I complain and nothing happens."

We had arrived at the lobby.

"Who do you complain to?" I asked, as I was about to leave to see the building manager.

"Oh I complain to you all," she said. "To the people in the elevator. Didn't you hear me?"

And in case any one is wondering about today's posting title and video - I was inspired by a woman at Grand Central today. I hope she does well. She was singing, "A Few of my Favorite Things" Her name is Samantha Margulies. " My Least Favorite Things" is performed buy the "Chasers" from my home town in Australia. Their Beatles parody above, is well worth watching.

My name is Kathleenwng and I approve this message.


Jaded NYer said...

ooo,ooo, Teacher, Teacher, I know...

The answer is definitely "All of the Above".

This experience with 700 people on one elevator, (aggravating) and the person in the subway for whom kittens are one of their least favorite things (puzzling) proves that almost everyone in NY has become a "Jaded NYer"

Since I am now only one of many Jaded NYers, and no longer stick out in any original capacity, I am going to have to start using my *gasp* Real Name.

Vanessa said...

"The management committee is working to make our lives better" - yeah right, much like the MTA.

I have had the same experience when I lived in a high rise building myself. I lived on the 25th floor of this building and although the elevators were usually working, whenever there was a problem we would all have to use the service lift as well. Our service lift was much smaller though, and could fit at most 5 people and 1 dog.

Complaining to the dog changed nothing. He only woofed in agreement.

Not leaving the building was an option but not a solution.

So I did the only thing I could do. I went UP.
UP, UP, UP, the stairs. To the 33rd floor.
Where the pool on the roof was.

Brought a book, a cool drink, and my thoughts. As I looked at the sky and the vast panoramic view from this vantage point, I realized that the lift in my mind still worked. :)

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