Sunday, September 26, 2010

"The Uneven Intensity of Duration"

Kitchen: EMCEE C.M., Master of None grew up in a family of six boys, played outside a lot, studied Linguistics, Russian and Sculpture at Brandeleis and UConn, worked at a Siberian Village trade school ... ISCP. Emcee C.M.'s identity is also mixed up with a flexible, inclusive group of participants called the K.I.D.S. (Kindness and Imagination Development Society). - Artist Studio Programs SmackMellon blurb September 2010

I HAVE to have that hat! - Babs, DUMBO, September 2010

"The Uneven Intensity of Duration" - somehow reminds me of "The Incredible Lightness of Being". It has a nice sound, but what does it mean, and does it really matter anyway? The words are the message, to misquote someone who deserves to be misquoted (Marshall McLuhan).

"The Uneven Intensity of Duration" is the name of an exhibition by Charlotte Schultz and I was fortunate to see it today at SmackMellon, Artist Studio Program at the Dumbo Arts Festival, Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass this weekend.

I went there with my friend Babs. We had a great time. Babs bought a hat at Blueberri and we both recommend anyone wanting style and friendly service to drop by there.

I relaxed and took photos. You can see them here.

Or to look individually, at your own pace, HERE.

Stay tuned.


Jaded NYer said...

Seems like a fun time.

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