Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ghosts of Things Past

... it's just that going home is such a ride
going home is such a ride
going home is such a ride
going home is such a low and lonely ride Dory Previn, "Lady with the Braid"

On the way to Edinburgh - through a glass greenly
Vacation over. I'm back in New York. No more stone fences, no more tea and scones or rolling green hills. No more nights of quiet and darkness.

Soon Buxton will be a distant memory. Every day away increases its unreality.

On returning from vacation, we try to keep the feel, the memory of the other place, but layer by layer it diminishes then disappears, and one's home and work become the norm and life goes on.

Where Lizzie Falls for Mr Darcy!
I always attempt to keep the "feel" of a vacation for as long as possible. But this inevitably turns out to be of no avail.

Soon, for me, New York will be as it was before I left it. And my life, my being will be in it. It will be the norm.

Is it just me or do all vacations have the same type of ending?

And now I come to think of it, the same beginning? I envisage the vacation's timeline as following along the line of a Gaussian curve.

A Typical Buxton Street
Timeline of a Vacation
Day 1: Travel to the destination. Feeling of anticipation
Day 2: Getting adjusted. Experiencing the differences between the vacation place and home.
Day 3: The days seem to stretch out before you. Relaxation
Day 4 to the penultimate day: Enjoyment
Penultimate Day: A wasted day. Some packing. It's useless to start a new adventure, as you'll be leaving tomorrow.
Last Day: Travel home. Feeling disoriented.
Last Day plus 1: Adjusting to reality.
Last Day plus 2: More adjusting. Feelings of nostalgia
Last Day plus 3: Vacation life almost forgotten. Or hard to believe in.
Last Day plus 4: Normality. Lowest point, right-hand side of the Gaussian curve.

I'm at "Last Day plus 3".

Tomorrow I return to the land of the normal.

Well sort of normal.

New York normal.

Stay tuned

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Jaded NYer said...

Normal? NORMAL?

What is Normal? I'll tell you what Normal is......

Normal is a setting on the clothes dryer!!!!!!!!

Nothing is normal.

You are 100% correct in your assessment. Yes Virginia, All vacations DO have the same type of ending and the same type of beginning.

All that you laid out is true.

The soul longs for release from mediocrity.
And mediocrity is what most of us find in this thing called life.
Sure there is love, and joy and some wonderful people, but mostly there is whatever grind a person has to do to survive.

For some of us it is to hold down a job. For others it is to live off the land. All peoples and cultures can bemoan their "reality", but what IS Reality?


When one looks past their own existence and looks at the lives of others all over the world, reality is different for all of them.

I firmly believe that life is supposed to be enjoyed not endured.

But even though the joys seem to fade away, the effects diminish with the days that pass, the experience lives in your soul. It is now a part of you. A special part that no one can ever take away.

As time goes on you will again rise to the freedom from mediocrity and when you do, remember that you are gathering memories that will strengthen and enrich you.

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