Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where Have All the Singletons Gone?

In York City's Upper East Side there were 3,707 twin births in 1995; there were 4,153 in 2003; and there were 4,655 in 2004. Triplet births have also risen, from 60 in 1995 to 299 in 2004. Wikipedia - Twins

Men may be able to run the mile in less than four minutes and open stuck pickle jars with a twist of the wrist, but for all our physical prowess, we cannot carry new life within us and bring it into the world. To suggest that we do is a slap in the face of women. Mark Galli - "We Are Not Pregnant"

My little singleton
When we do things in this city, we do them well. Or so we say to the likes of people like Jeff.

Jeff is one of my fans. I think he lives in Ohio or maybe it is Kansas. No doubt he'll write and tell me.

Jeff is one of those people who don't like New York for no other reason than it is New York. Normally I wouldn't bother with the likes of Jeff but there's something endearing about him - the childish way he likes to divide Americans into opposing camps. I suspect he is a Tea Party person.

But back to New York.

New York women appear to be taking efficiency to a new level. The reproductive level. Balancing career, marriage and parenthood, and believing that only children are lonely children, they have started to use science to have instant families.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) has boosted the number of multiple births. Its major use has been to help otherwise infertile couples to conceive children, but I suspect it is now being used to provide couples with instant families.

Whereas I produced two children over a period of five years, women can now produce all the children they want in one go.

Walking in my neighborhood (Upper East Side) it is rare to see a nanny pushing a singleton stroller. Twin and triple strollers are the norm.

I wonder, is their a discount for having more than one child in childcare?

As well as the satisfaction - immediate gratification - of having all the kids arrive in the world at once - there is the advantage of having a single maternity leave in one's life. And of course having only one pregnancy.

Talking about pregnancy, does anyone else feel bemused when they hear couples say, "We are pregnant"? Now it is all very well to involve the man in child-getting and child-rearing, but it is a fact that has to be accepted, that it is women who incubate babies. I really cannot accept this new "we are pregnant thing".

Imagine if women started linguistically sharing in events dominated by men.

Imagine Mrs (Tino) Martinez saying "We hit a game-tying home run."

Or Mrs Smith saying "We are donating our sperm."

Or Mrs Cohen saying "We are a rabbi."

And on that note,

We are signing off.

We are Kathleenwng and we approve this message.


Jaded NYer said...

That child is adorable.

Agree with you on the "we" thing.

These people are "couple monsters", you know the kind, inseparable, never argue, always perfect...... until one day......

they blow each others brains out.

I'd like to see Mrs Smith donate her sperm though.
Might even be a show Jeff would like.

Unknown said...

Awwww, you missed me? How sweet.

I kinda of forgot about you, until Kate M-H popped up on the mp3 player, so sorry.

I do find it interesting how you invent things about me while I try reading what you actually wrote and comment on that. Perhaps you should try it?

So, to set the record straight, I had a great time in New York, not interested in the Tea Party, mostly libertarian (not the party, as an ideal I suppose) I try not to judge people in groups, (not perfect though, sorry bout that.) I am equally annoyed by "We" couples, but if the hypothetical Mrs Smith is even remotely hot I would be more than willing to watch her (them? we?) attempt to donate sperm. Whatever. Post it on youporn and send me a link.

Ah, but you want to get me fired up? Say something like "When we do things in this city, we do them well."
Oh barf. Really? So there is some kind of group hypnosis (magic beans?) that descends over New Yorkers that makes individuals that live there better able to judge than everyone else? Please.

You know what? If your review had said I'm not into Kate Miller-Heidke and here is why, you never would have heard a peep out of me. But to imply that because you live/were born in NY, you are suddenly entitled to judge? Yeah, that pissed me off. Please get over yourself. Thanks

Now as for JadedNYer, (if that is your real name) Since you apparently have the debating skills of a 3rd grader, all I have to say is neener, neener.

Jaded NYer said...

Debate? what is there to debate?

This blog is ABOUT New York, for others who are INTERESTED in NEW YORK.

If you do not like New York, or New Yorkers, or Jaded New Yorkers, then go read a different blog more suited to what your interests are.

Unknown said...

I like New York, I like New Yorkers as a group,

I like Jaded New Yorkers ... wait ... nope I don't like you even a little bit.

Remember this?

"Jaded NYer said...

I bet the highlight of entertainment for you is watching the corn fields grow while picking lint out of your toes. Good luck with that. Sell tickets.
I bet where you live they call that a PARTY."

Since I don't have anything else to entertain me, I guess I'll just annoy you.

You would think since you are so savvy and have so little tolerance for mediocrity you wouldn't make it so easy.

Jaded NYer said...

Oh Jeff, you don't annoy me.

You're just not that good at it.

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