Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Goals for BP, and ABE

The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume. BP CEO Tony Hayward Guardian, May 14 10

There's no one who wants this over more than I do. I would like my life back. BP CEO Tony Hayward, Guardian, May 18 10
SubwayThe TV in the nail salon was showing the soccer. The sound was off and the closed captioning was in Spanish. Most of the staff were Korean. All were Asian. And those of us having pedicures and manicures were a politically-correct multi-cultural mix.

Being not much interested in soccer and understanding only half a dozen words of Spanish, I turned to my book, "Incendiary"by Chris Cleave. It's a well-executed novel, especially relevant to those of us who lived through 9/11 in New York or DC.

It's set in England and the writer does a good job at describing London, old, gray and depressing.

Not that I'm anti-English. I'm not one of those "ABE"s - "Anyone But England" people. In fact I'd never heard of them until my good friend Madge, who is currently living in the "old country", explained them to me tonight.

But it was comforting to see on the telly, in the nail salon, in Spanish, England draw one-all with the USA in soccer.

Of course it would have probably been comforting to see England draw with Paraguay or Lithuania. Because if you come from a former colony, you have to admit, there's something very annoying about the English.

Cornrow GirlIt's not their fault of course. But as my uncle would say, "It get's up my nose" when they talk of the antipodes and us Aussies losing at cricket (ASIF). Deary me I suppose I'm stereotyping. But as George Cloony's character, Ryan Bingham said in "Up in the Air, "I'm like my mother, I stereotype. It's faster."

Which brings me back to the title of this blog, "No goals for BP and ABE". Well England DID score a goal in the soccer and so did America; but as my friend Madge explained, "The US wouldn't have scored one except that ..." Whatever.

My gripe isn't the almost-lack-of-a-goal but it is about the oil that BP spilled in the Atlantic, and the insulting gaffes made by BP's CEO Mr. Tony Hayward. Mr Haywood may think of the Atlantic Ocean as "the Pond", but most of us, including the fish, do not.

Mr. Haywood wants "his life back".

England wants her goal back.

And the people of Louisiana want their income back.

Stay tuned.

I am Kathleenwng and I approve this message.



Clean Up The Oil Slick said...

Okay. Right. This is Lesley. Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. I know people aren't supposed to use their real names on these
things, but it's okay, I'm a Professional Celebrity; don't try this at home.

Why it says "Clean Up The Oil Slick" in the name part, is 'cause
I've made it a link, to a song I made, by that title.
It's intended as a kick up the bum for BP; it's lyrics are as simple
as they are repetitious; just saying Clean Up The Oil Slick! over
and over and over again. I say this as Fair Warning to anyone
who listens to the bloody thing. I went for the dull thud over
the mind blowing lyrical magnificence. I hope that's alright.
Oh and you do remember the Superman show yeah?
Well granted I am a bit more powerful than Superman, being
half woman and all, but the concept of 'fighting a never-ending
battle for truth, justice, etc...' has not changed over the years.
Key Words: Never Ending Battle. Yes. I am aware Dear Kathleen.
It's just our lot, isn't it. x ~L

PS... due to the miracle of technology, Republican Spies have
managed to put a "BP SPILL BLAME OBAMA?" Ad.
I think it is ludicrous to blame President Obama. Absolutely Moronic.

BP stands for British Petroleum, not Barack Pissing.

And were he to piss in the gulf, well it's not a pool, it would
not turn blue like some movie alluded they do now.

There'd be no problem at all.

See that?

All we had to do was tell Britain to sod off and drill in Venezuela or
some place, and this could have been just a piss in the ocean.

By the way, I have to report to my immediate superior officer
right now, Oh, okay, no, not the wife, I meant the guy I report to.
Did I mention him? Oh he'll love this blog. I'll send him
a link straightaway.


"No, Mr President, I wasn't implying Sir that you indeed did piss
in the gulf, I was just saying, it's moronic to blame you for BP's actions"

Oh, yes! One more thing Kathleen,
however did you tone that photo to appear to be black and white
and red all over like a newspaper. Only they don't read them as much
with all this internet stuff.

Buy The New York Times. On A Saturday Morning. It's Fun!

Lesley said...

I'm very lucky he has a sense of humor. ~L

Lesley said...

PS... me again. only this time it's linked to the other site.

We're BEATLESEX. We're World Famous. I'm supposed to say,
will that do, John?

And I'm American Lesley Jane, as the link above proves. x ~L

Anonymous said...
This bloke's got the right idea.
And yairs, the NYT is very good, usually. C'ept today it was piss poor IMHO. Other than the interview above.
>>I think it is ludicrous to blame President Obama. Absolutely Moronic.<<
Yep. WTF do people expect. It's the whole bloody Congress that's fu**ed up.

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