Friday, April 16, 2010

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

I thought all you guys were wiped out years ago.
From "Alice in Wonderland" (movie) 1951

The dark shadow of Sarah Palin is trying very hard to cast a gloom over America. But most of us are ignoring it - Democrats and Republicans alike.

And after all, many of us have seen it all before.

I'm not talking about the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Joh Bjelke-Petersen or Queen Guinevere. These people had a grip on reality. I'm talking about the odd-ball who surfaces from time to time, in the political arena of the lunatic fringe.

We had one in Australia in the last century. Her name was Pauline Hanson. Her tag-line was, "Please explain." I think in her pre-political life, she ran a fish and chip shop. She had the Palin type agenda. Lower taxes, see Russia from the bedroom, a non-reader of newspapers and if not exactly burning books, never reading them.

And what did she want "explained"? One never knew. I fancy it was elementary arithmetic. Or how to spell "I can see Tasmania from my bedroom."

Watch Sarah morph into Pauline.

Unlike Sarah, Pauline Hanson did not have the good looks that attract the non-thinking, non-scoring men of America, of the world even. But it didn't matter. She could sock it to 'em. She had guts. And who needs to read anyway?

The common touch. Appealing to the people who could least afford her.

Palin: the woman who makes George W look like the reformer, no - the intellectual - of the decade.

But not to worry. If she does get in to any form of legislature, Americans and non-citizens alike, will leave the country in droves. And what will that mean for the world's stability? I remember a joke along the lines of, "What happens when Australians move to the USA?" "The IQ goes up on both sides of the Pacific."

Try as I might I can't think of how to relate this to the hopefully-it-will-never-occur-exodus-from-Palin. Let's hope it never happens. Well, I KNOW it will never happen. I have faith in humanity. The only thing good about Sarah Palin is her eye-glasses. And I've gone off them, as well.

And what of the Palin supporters? In the words of Gordon Ramsay, "Forgive them father for they have sinned."

Except we will not forgive them.

Lest we forget.


Terry said...

I had the misfortune one time, of being on the same flight out of LA as Pauline. She tried to engage me in conversation; my solution was to speak in French, then she left me alone.

Jaded NYer said...

Oh Good God, where do I start?
First of all let's refresh with a little history.

The "Tea Party" first came about back when America was forming itself as an independent nation from Britain. The Boston Tea Party symbolized that teenage rebellion of nose thumbing to one's parents, saying we are not under your thumb we are making our own way. It was an act of or a statement of individuality for America. See HBO's John Adams series for a better understanding of this. That said, let's move on....

These current "Tea Party people" (who would probably feel better if they drank something stronger like Tequila) are really only rebelling against their loss of control over greed. Let me explain. A president who actually wants to help this nation balance itself so all occupants can have a fairer chance in life, reduces the the profit margin for those who would like to keep the unbalance in place. Health care in this country accounts for 6% of the economy. So, companies are making a profit off of the fallibility and mortality of human life. This is wrong. Health of human beings is not a business, or a product. Now I do feel that medical staff who go through 12 years of schooling (at least) deserve to be compensated for their knowledge and efforts. HOWEVER, the pharmaceutical companies are selling medicine that make people sicker. Just watch TV and you will see endless commercials for drugs that treat one thing and cause six other things wrong. Example: Anti-depressant medication may pick you up but the side effects may include "thoughts of suicide, impotence, etc etc. So if you take one drug you have to take more drugs to overcome the side effects of that drug then more drugs to overcome those side effects effectively putting people on a medical merry-go-round, hence PROFITABILITY for drug companies, zero return on investment for human health.

Sarah Palin is as useless as used condom. Fortunately most of the country knows this. These Tea people are not standing up for human rights, this is not fighting the good fight, this is WAH WAH we don't like being fair to others, we want the edge, the control, the MONEY. We want things to stay just like they were. (Somebody call the WAHmbulance.) This woman makes me sick with her hypocrisy, she should stay home and raise her spawn and shut the hell up. But really she is a big nobody.

It takes a nation to raise a nation and if we really want to become a country where everyone one can flourish then we all have to work at it.

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