Sunday, March 07, 2010

Wake in Fright

"What's the matter with him? He'd rather talk to a woman than drink?"
Dick to John, in the Australian film, "Wake in Fright" (1971)

"'Wake in Fright' received generally excellent reviews throughout the world [...]. However, despite garnering unanimous critical support at Cannes and in Australia, 'Wake in Fright' suffered poor domestic box-office returns. ... it was also thought that 'Wake In Fright' was perhaps too uncomfortably direct and uncompromising to draw large Australian audiences."
Wiki entry

Near the Gym (Asphalt Green)
Today I woke at six a.m. - early for me for a Sunday, but I had a lot on my plate, having veg'ed around all Saturday. But in vain had I set the alarm for the crack of dawn, for of course as soon as I awoke, I turned on the telly and promptly fell back asleep.

Soundly asleep, only to wake in fright, three hours later.

Horror of horrors, there I was in my dream, a participant (albeit passive) in some CNN panel show, surrounded by Republicans who were droning on about why America shouldn't have health care reform. Everytime I tried to speak I was drowned out by a very Republican man - who looked suspiciously like Sarah Palin in drag - who insisted on ignoring me.

It is SO weird when a television show enters one's dreams. Quite disconcerting. And especially so when that show is full of Republicans or Palin look-alikes of either gender.

I endured the torture for three long hours where upon I awoke exhausted, but relieved to be back in Kansas - or in my case, New York. At least people here are relatively sane.

My mood returned to normal when I opened my email. There I saw an excellent "Letter to the President" from Michael Moore. The one about bi-partisanship, that is. Mr Moore has written more than one. You can read the bipartisanship one HERE.

The Supermarket Van
Mail read, it was coffee, shower and then brunch, gym, shopping and Korean manicure. I certainly fast-tracked my usual weekend activities. Got 'em done in a record time of three hours.

Before I go - a couple of recommendations - I'm leaving time today to transcribe a guest column. One of my two New York friends has promised to write an amusing piece on "A movie on 86th Street", which will feature an exposé of a surprising use of cell phones by the young women of New York.

But for now, the recommendations.

1: Wake in Fright. Yes I woke in fright today but I also want to recommend the movie, "Wake in Fright". I saw it a few hundred years ago and have tried to get hold of it ever since. It has only recently been released on DVD having completely skipped the video-tape revolution of last century. It looks like it's only available in region 4 DVD or imported Blu-ray in the U.S., at the exorbitant price of 63.05 USD. But the price is bound to come down.

The BYO Coffee Mug in Manhattan
2: hookTURN's BYO Coffee cup. My son and his partner sent me one and it is perfect. You can read about these AMAZING environmentally and user-friendly coffee mugs HERE.

hookTurn's website says, "Made from silicone, it's firm but flexible, light-weight but tough, and will withstand 200ÂșC heat. It's pretty much indestructible." I must confess, I'm a little confused; how can something that is virtually indestructible be "green"? But no doubt there's an explanation.

In all it's a great mug. It doesn't burn your hand even when full of piping hot coffee, and it is attractive as well as practical.

As hookTURN's blurb says, "change the habit (of using paper cups), one coffee at a time."

Stay tuned.


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