Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shadows on Cobblestones

Perfect for office or any time, this sleek virgin wool blazer from Theory is a wise investment. Add a tank blouse and fitted skirt for office-ready appeal.
Bloomingdales' spiel for a women's blazer

From now through July 4th, one of the nation’s great repositories of history will play host to a remarkable and significant collection of cultural treasures: 'The Grateful Dead' ...
Gary Lambert of

Men at Work, Fifth Avenue
I was crossing Central Park West at 86th Street when a sign caught my eye. The Grateful Dead now at the New York Historical Society. I did a double take and looked back. Had I read it correctly. Yes, I had.

The Grateful Dead - I was never a fan, but I remember them. Are the Grateful Dead dead? What are they doing in a museum? This is on a par with a Rolling Stone concert venue having to priovide wheel-chair access ramps to the stage.

Later at home. I googled the 'New York Historical Society' and yes the Dead are there. The Grateful Dead are history!

To take my mind off such a depressing thought, I looked at Bloomingdales' on-line catalog. I've taken a new interest in Bloomingdales since finding out that my new heroine, Joyce Behar (of "The View" and "The Joyce Behar Show") shops there. How do I know?Well she had a guest on her show a few weeks ago who was a sexpert of sorts. He was talking about orgasms and Ms. Behar retorted with, "Orgasms - isn't that what women get when they buy stuff at Bloomingdales?"

Cabs on Fifth
And what did I get at my on-line trip to Bloomies? Not an orgasm but a new phrase. Well it isn't really a "phrase" as it hasn't got a preposition, but I have American citizenship now so I'm allowed to be ungrammatical. The new non-phrase is "office-ready".

Office-ready already yet! Is that what I am when I drag myself out of bed and put on my "business casual" attire on Mondays through Fridays? Sounds like I've been plated and am ready to be served up. Sheesh!

I'm learning lots of new words in America. "Shlepp" is my latest, though I feel a bit pretentious saying it. "I just schlepped over to Bloomingdales." No, that's not me.

I like learning new words though. I used to be somewhat restricted in using them as I had a reader of my blog in Spain, an Oxford scholar and an ex, who would pick me up on every little slip-up and expected me to spell in English. An old lover. We'd kept in touch for ages but we had an on-line fight last year over what I cannot remember. I suspect it had something to do with words. Anyway we split up.

We used to drop each other a "Happy Birthday" note. Religiously except we are both atheists, every year for just over a hundred years. Now that will be no more. Fortunately HIS birthday is earlier in the year than mine. So I can NOT remember his birthday first.

I just can't WAIT to remember to forget it.


Ian (chinamonty) said...

But are they really Grateful?

Anonymous said...

Love the Yiddish expressions like schlepp, schtick etc. Don't know many but there's always a bit of truth in the ones I hear particularly from the old Catskills standup comedians.
Always thought schlepp involved carrying something rather than just gong somewhere, but now I know.

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