Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Blue Rinse Set Descends on Ed's Chowder House

Paté escargots soup de jour
cordon bleu chic coiffure
fait accompli maison
crème de menthe Marcel Marceau
meringue blancmange Bardot
gauche gay Paris garçon
gendarme agent provocateur
from Greg Champion's, "The French Song" Click to play

"For A Horse You Did Alright, Ed. But For A Chef You Fell Short."
Britton B. reviewing Ed's Chowder House on Yelp

How do you say brunch in french i mean the tree brunch?
Question from a dyslexic on

French toast a Ed's Chowder House
It's been ages since I last had brunch with other human beings. The last one I remember was at an Indian-British restaurant somewhere in lower Manhattan (Too Kool for School), almost two years ago.

Not that I don't "do" brunch. I have brunch quite often. By myself. I take my Kindle along for company. I don't find Manhattan a very social place. At first I though that not being social was a Manhattan thing. More recently I've questioned this assumption. It's probably me. Well that's what someone emailed me. Then again, perhaps I'm over-sensitive. Over-sensitive or unpopular? Which one? Whatever.

Actually it is hard to get people together here. But this weekend a grand effort was made by four people and we all met at Ed's Chowder House on the Upper West Side.

Poached Eggs with Spinach, Crabmeat and Hollandaise
Like a good New Yorker, I'd done my homework and researched the place. Reviews on the web were mixed. One noted that the place was full of old people over 65. Good, I thought, we'll seem young. Although a quick addition of our ages produced a grand total of 259! O my god. Readers please note that one of us (not me) is EXTREMELY old.

I've got a good mind to say something to him when next we meet! Talk about skewing the average!

We were all rugged up for the chilly Manhattan weather. It was a snowy and windy day and it took us some time to shed our outer layers and to settle into our booth. I looked around - the place was nicely decorated and spacious.

As for the other patrons, the reviewer who noted the age of the diners at Ed's was spot on. Not a young person in sight and the place was packed.

Fish 'n Chips
Service was good - prompt and polite. I opted for fish and chips. Strange choice for brunch but I always choose it if it's on the menu as it's a rare dish in this city. I asked and was told the fish was striped bass, and fresh. It was. Everyone else ordered traditional brunch dishes.

The most remarkable was the French toast which came in the form of a large cube. Obviously the chef at Ed's is not a follower of Gordon Ramsey who likes his dishes simple. I can just envisage him on his show, "Kitchen Nightmares" pulling the cube apart and saying "Holy Mackerel".

Still it was pronounced to be excellent by the orderer, a person not given to false compliments.

I recommend Ed's Chowder House. Especially if you are of a certain age. You will leave with a spring in your step. There's nothing like being in a room of very old people to make one feel young.

And as my friend noted, "Sixty is the new thirty".

If only!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am of a certain age; 75 to be exact. The food at Ed's looked far too rich, fatty and probably overpriced. Do all Americans live solely on fat, salt and sugar?
Tonight we had spaghetti squash and homemade sauce.
Expensive? Nope.
The squash was under a US dollar, the sauce was one of five pint containers made from COSTCO canned tomatoes - 106oz can for #2.79 and some onions (cheap), spices purchased at the local co-op and very fresh. The dinner was yummy and very healthful. Oh, I did have a glass of red.But fish 'n chips? Fat and salt, no wonder it was tasty.
Eating out in any country is difficult and usually unhealthy, but the U.S.A and Australia seem particularly difficult.
Better to eat 'in' if at all possible.

Kate said...

Am posting this for someone who's reply didsn't go through.

My comment didn't go through on your blog.In reply to the other comment of the 72 yr old lady.I think it's very easy to find good food when visiting other countries,as long as you do your research.I've had some wonderful food experiences in Europe and also SOME areas of America.

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