Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I Am Furious, Yellow

If you knew Peggy Sue - then you’d know why I feel blue
without Peggy - my Peggy Sue
oh well, I love you gal - yes, I love you Peggy Sue
©Buddy Holly and the Crickets 1957.

60's kids
Sometimes I wonder how the younger generation will take over from us. After all, it was hard enough for us "baby boomers".

And then something will come along and I'll know, it's all OK.

A daughter of a friend of mine sent me this Kate Miller-Heidk video clip today. And on openning it, I knew that all can be right in this world.

But why am I furious? And why am I yellow? Well, readers, I'm not yellow, but when I was young and naive, there was a film called, "I am Curious, Yellow." I didn't know what it meant then, and I don't know now.

The difference is, that back "THEN" I wasn't confident enough to know that it was "OK" to say, "I don't know".

Even in this day and age. I wonder if things have really changed. I voiced my opinion on women in the sixties, in an earlier post, She'll Be Apples. Yes, I dared to voice my OWN opinion on the Melbourne scene in 1969! It wasn't "done" then, and surprisingly, it isn't now. The email responses I received, shocked me. Apparently I had no right to diminish the memories of my men of that time. HELLO!!!!

To my young, FEMALE readers, please do not condemn us. We thought we we were doing the right thing. We thought we were, "Cool".

And so, off we'd traipse to theaters to see black and white movies that made little or no sense. "Last Year at Marienbad", " Cul de Sac", "Breathless", "Through a Glasss Darkly".

Now I'm not saying that these films meant nothing. Aù contraire. But did they mean anything to us? To me, to Peg? To the guys accompanying us?

Who was to know? We never found out.

The only people we had to validate us were people like Helen Reddie ("I am Woman") and Germaine Greer "Female Eunich"). Hardly enough.

So my dear daughters and sons of Baby Boomers, we did our best. And I am happy to say, you pulled through. In spite of us.

Not all of what we did was good. Some was pretentious. Indeed, some of us continue the pretense.

Truth is, we didn't really know what we were doing. But we knew what was pretentious.

As do you.

Even if it is US.

Congrats. And thank you!


Tim said...

Great video clip!! You should've had "the exterminating angel" in your list of wanky movies.
LOL !!!

Kate said...

I was fortunate enough to miss that one!

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