Sunday, July 19, 2009

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There's something very Last Year at Marienbad-ish about the Hotel Rex, where I'm staying in Stockholm.

That is, although it's obviously very civilised, I don't quite understand it.

Don't get me wrong. I highly recommend the Hotel Rex in Stockholm. It's advertised as the poorer sister of the Hotel Hellsten which is directly opposite, and more up-market than the "Rex Petit" which is somewhere else instead.

I like the sound of the Rex Petit, as the flyer says that the rooms are tiny (6 square metres) and windowless - which means they are completely dark, a plus when dawn is around 3:00 a.m.

But the Rex non-petit is fine by me. The room is small but like all other rooms in the hotel, tastefully decorated in everything wood, with framed photos (all taken the 'THE OWNER') on the walls. The staff speak of him sotto voice with reverence. Apparently he "travelled a lot". I suspect he is a BABY BOOMER ...

I have two "OWNER" photos in my room. One appears to be of a headless rooster and the other of a very short man trying to hang up paintings on a concrete wall. All black and white. All very enigmatic.

Yes, all very
Last Year at Marienbad(-ish).

Actually I've taken heaps of photos, though not of any "places of interest". I prefer taking photos of the Swedes themselves. The one above is a spoiler. So stay tuned ...

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