Tuesday, July 07, 2009

America's Got Talent

And be careful of what you do 'cause the lie becomes the truth
Billie Jean, Michael Jackson

It isn't often I'm proud to be American. Or Australian. Or proud of anything that I did not achieve myself.

But today I was. Proud to be American, that is

Today I was not ashamed to be associated with today's tribute in Los Angles, to Michael Jackson.

Despite all the negative crap of the last ten years, Jackson will rightly be remembered for the artist that he was.

A dash of French mime, a splash of Chaplin, a squeeze of Astaire, and a strut of Jagger. Who of us who were privileged to be alive in the 1980's will ever forget him?

Watching clips of the Jackson tribute tonight I was impressed at the lack of the expected Hollywood hype, with the sincerity, and above all with the emotion and conviction of his black brothers and sisters.

And so looking for a video clip to use in my humble tribute, to a humble man, I searched YouTube. There were a number of clips well worth using, but in my search I couldn't help but look at some of the comments. And felt, how sad.

Pure vitriol, against a man who was convicted of no crime.

I wonder at those people who have nothing better to do, it seems, than to imagine the worst. I remember an article by a Bob Herbert who somehow had the insensitivity to write, "Meeting Michael Jackson in the mid-1980s was one of the creepier experiences of my life .... One case of alleged pedophilia against Jackson, the details of which would make your hair stand on end, was settled for a reported $25 million. He beat another case in court."

Yep, that's right Mr Herbert. Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

But then, as Mr Herbert points out, he was at the time of the interview, Editor of the (Rupert Murdoch) Daily News. Nuff said!

There's nothing sadder than those without talent, attempting to malign those with.


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I think the judges should diside who should be in the top 4 they need to pick

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