Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fred and Jane, Sam and Fanny

Sally has been successful in her choice of college and is very happy.
Freddie has heard about Sally's success and is very worried as he knows she has no college fund.
Freddy writes a note to Sally about college fees
Sally places a chat call with her uncle to see what help she can get in paying her college fees.
Sam is not sympathetic as he's just paid out a lot of money to Freddie.
Sally and Fanny are now friends.
Fanny is worried that Sally will ask her for a loan
Sally makes a comment about having no money.
Sally joins the group The Three Monkeys and pretends she can neither hear or see.
Sally plays loud music for Fanny.
Sally and Jane are now friends.
Sally and Jane discuss economics and sex.
Sally asks Freddy for a date.
Freddy writes to Sally that he is busy for the next few years.
Sally has joined The Greta Garbo society
Freddy regrets having given all his money to Mr. S. U. B. Prime
Sally became a fan of Jon Stewart.
Sam regrets giving so much money to Freddy
Fanny leaves a note for John asking if he has any dough.
Jane and John are now friends.
John invites Fanny to the Spelling Championships.
John invites Jane to the Spelling Championships.
Jane misspells 'Doe'.
Sam is avoiding his nephews and nieces.
Sam is invited to the EU economic summit.
Jane is taking music lessons.
Jane and Bambi are now friends.
Sally thinks Fanny has stolen her money
Fanny thinks Freddy has stolen her money
Freddy thinks Sam has stolen his money
Fanny gets a note saying her college course has been discontinued.
Fanny is selling her text books on EBay.
Jane is thinking of buying "Spelling 101" on Ebay.
Sally has gone to to find out the cost of hotels in Nigeria
John is emigrating to Azerbaijan.
Jane wished she could spell Azerbaijan.
Sam is singing the Star Spangle banner and wishing he was The Fat Lady.
Jane wonders how to spell "Congress".
Fanny wonders where Congress is located
John hopes Congress is not in Azerbaijan.
Jane has decided to go back to the Boston Tea Party

To be continued ...

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